Welcome to the VCU Student Chapter of INFORMS (VCU-SCI)

VCU-SCI is affiliated with the INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and Management Science), the largest institute in the world for the professionals in the field of Analytics, Operations Research (OR), and Management Science (MS).

VCU-SCI was chartered in Jun, 2015. Our main goal is to encourage the interest in the field of Analytics, OR, and MS among VCU students and familiarize them with popular topics in these fields; both in the academics and the industry. We organize multiple events during the academic year, such as seminars, informal talks and networking, competitions, career-advising sessions, and social events.

VCU-SCI is in coordination with VCU and Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research.

You can read our bylaws INFORMS Bylaws.

For more information on the membership process, please send an e-mail to saleckpayb@vcu.edu.

The current executive board:

President: Babak Saleck Pay

Vice-President: Kevin Sanderson

Secretary: Neha Shrestha

Treasurer: Victoria Pokhilko