Paul Brooks

Associate Professor, Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research



Ph.D., Operations Research, Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S., Operations Research, Georgia Institute of Technology

B.A., Mathematics, University of Virginia

B.A., Mathematics, University of Virginia


The core of my research program is the use of optimization to design new methods for data analysis. I also work in areas applying these methods to data, and in other areas of applied optimization. Application areas include human microbiome research, modeling of bacterial metabolism, public sector operations, scheduling, manufacturing, and inventory management. I am currently the Statistics and Analysis Team Leader for the VMC MOMS-PI project based at VCU, an NIH-funded project for studying the role of the microbiome during pregnancy and childbirth.


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 - INFORMS Section on Data Mining
 - INFORMS Computing Society
 - INFORMS Optimization Society - INFORMS Health Applications Society

Mathematical Optimization Society


Associate Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, 2015-present

Fellow, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, 2006-present

INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional, 2013

Excellence in Scholarship Award (Math and Sciences), VCU College of Humanities and Sciences, 2013