Laura Ellwein Fix

Laura Ellwein Fix

Associate Professor Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
(804) 828-2748

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Ph.D. Applied Mathematics with concentration in Physiology, 2008.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

“Cardiovascular and Respiratory Regulation, Modeling and Parameter Estimation.”

Advisor: Mette S. Olufsen.

M.S. Applied Mathematics with concentration in Computational Mathematics, 2005.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 1999.

University of Wisconsin, Madison WI


I work on problems at the interface of mathematics and medicine, focusing in particular on mathematical modeling, simulation, and analysis of cardiovascular dynamics. My models range from lumped parameter compartmental models to three-dimensional finite element models designed to elucidate underlying physiological and pathological biomarkers. I also develop post-processing tools for further data quantification. I enjoy collaborations with a variety of fields including biomedical engineering, cardiovascular medicine, and exercise science.


Ellwein LM, LaDisa JF, Jr., Leibham S, Schindler-Ivens S, Samyn M. Quantification of thoracic aorta blood flow by magnetic resonance imaging during supine cycling exercise of increasing intensity. J Cardiov Magn Reson, 15(Suppl 1):P239, 2013.

Ellwein LM, Pope S, Xie A, Batzel JJ, Kelley CT, Olufsen MS. Patient-specific modeling of cardiovascular and respiratory dynamics during hypercapnia. Math Biosci, 241:56-72, 2013.

Wendell DC, Samyn MM, Cava JR, Ellwein LM, Krolikowski MM, Gandy KL, Pelech AN, Shadden SC, LaDisa JF. Including aortic valve morphology in computational fluid dynamics simulations: initial findings and application to aortic coarctation. Med Eng Phys, 35(6):723-735, 2013.

Ellwein LM, Otake H, Gundert TJ, Koo B-K, Shinke T, Honda Y, Shite J, Ladisa JF, Jr. Optical coherence tomography for patient-specific 3D artery reconstruction and evaluation of wall shear stress in a left circumflex coronary artery. Cardiovasc Eng Technol, 2(3): 212-227, 2011.

Pope SR, Ellwein LM, Zapata CL, Novak V, Kelley CT, Olufsen MS. Estimation and identification of parameters in a lumped cerebrovascular model. Math Biosci Eng, 6(1):93-115, 2009.

Ellwein LM, Tran H, Zapata CL, Novak V, Olufsen MS. Sensitivity analysis and model assessment: mathematical models for arterial blood flow and blood pressure. J Cardio Eng, 8(2):94-108, 2008.


Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM)