No Concentration

Students may complete the Ph.D. program without a concentration, giving them the flexibility to pick their elective courses. View degree and curriculum requirements for this option on VCU Bulletin.

With Concentration

Student may choose one of the program's four concentrations (links go to VCU Bulletin):


The program offers flexibility allowing students to pursue their degree part-time, but with significant hours dedicated to coursework and research in the program. Also, with proper planning, students can complete the Ph.D. and a master's degree in mathematical sciences with a concentration in applied mathematics, mathematics, statistics or operations research.


The program exposes students to core research areas in the program during their first year of their studies. Then, students work with the adviser to develop a research plan. Degree requirements include presenting research in a qualifying portfolio, departmental seminar, a dissertation proposal and dissertation defense. Students must also submit at least one journal article. Students are encouraged to present the work at conferences.